The cod in red pepper sauce.

The cod, which we could jokingly consider as a precursor of the stockfish is a rather widespread and not too expensive fish. The reason could be sought in the low demand.

But why?

Perhaps because it is considered the fish of children and the sick?:

For dinner mum will make you the cod with oil“.


“It could resume feeding with semolina and shredded cod”.

Or maybe because his meats appear in supermarket sticks or fried fillets on the street?

Or maybe because it immediately makes you think of boiled fish? In fact, whatever its use in a recipe, the preliminary step is the boiling in a courbouillon of the usual vegetables.

Let’s face it: the open cod with cherry tomatoes and various herbs … not that great!

The best result is offered by its very personal, delicate and intense aroma combined with a decisive contrast like the classic mayonnaise or mushroom …

… but in the”fridge” there is a nice red pepper …

… well! … cut it into small pieces and dip it in the extra virgin olive oil (evo-oil) with garlic and chopped chili …

… add vegetable broth …

… and let’s go about twenty minutes at medium / low flame … just enough to soften the vegetable, like a velvety.

When it has cooled a little we will pass it to the mixer.

Let us dedicate ourselves now to the fish that will give the best of itself boiled in the courbouillon …

… which will contain the classic vegetables and the ever-present parsley …

The cod has, however, a resigned expression that makes us think that he don’t really appreciate the recipe …

But now the game is done … we just have to compose the dish to our liking …

Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys … at the table!


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