The half sleeves with red prawns.

It will not be easy for English speakers to understand what they are going to eat … even if they have the traditional English humor …
Be quiet! You are not going to eat some pieces of your clothes with shrimp!
In Italy we use to call “Half Sleeves” a type of…


This recipe is very easy, fast and tasty: it is important, however, to start with an excellent raw material: the prawns!
Today I found some excellent red prawns.
This will allow us to cook the pasta with whole prawns. They will give an excellent taste and aroma.
We will not have to make a broth with their shells to cook the pasta and the times will be reduced a lot.

Let’s start with some shallots in salted butter and extra-virgin olive oil

… before the shallot turns yellow, add the prawns…

… it is better to use a large pan because, at the end, it must contain prawns and pasta…

At the same time, put the right amount of pasta in BOILING SALTED water (this is important to achieve a proper cooking point).

During cooking, which must be short, turn gently.

When the “half sleeves” reach half cooked, they must be drained and combined with the prawns.
The cooking must continue adding periodically a little bit of boiling water of the pasta …

In this cooking period there will be a large supply of aromas that will be added to the starch given by the pasta.

In this type of cooking, the prawns will be deprived of the head and the shell with a knife and fork directly while you are tasting … an opportunity to chat a little …

Do you prefer spaghetti and large prawns? Ok…

Same procedure:
1) butter and shallots
2) large prawns
3) cooking the pasta in the same pan
4) addition of Parmesan? (large prawns taste less intense)

Do you prefer an elegant (5) or casual (6) presentation?

Enjoy your meal!

4 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. Cristiana ha detto:

    Magister, where are you now? Why are you so British?

    "Mi piace"

    1. Mimmo Paolicelli ha detto:

      I am in Rome! “So British”? :The statistics tell me that stories and recipes also interest non-Italian people

      "Mi piace"

  2. margheirta ha detto:

    una ricetta veramente facile , per fortuna ci sono le foto altrimenti avrei dovuto tradurre l’intera ricetta …………

    "Mi piace"

  3. Mimmo Paolicelli ha detto:

    Beh si! Una mezz’oretta ed è in tavola!… anche “leggendo” le sole foto…

    "Mi piace"


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